Sugar Buster!


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Do you need help with sugar and or carb cravings?

Are you “hungry” when you know you don’t need food…but yet you feel compelled to reach for a mocha or a piece of chocolate?

These cravings are likely due to mineral imbalances, which can throw off your hormones, neurotransmitters and microbiota. These cravings may drive you to poor food and beverage choices. And once you start, you just can’t feel satisfied.

These cravings typically happen late in the afternoon and may continue until late at night. It’s also fairly common to experience this strange urge for sugar or simple carbs when you are following a healing gut protocol especially one focused on pathogen elimination like SIBO or Candida.

Working with a practitioner (like me) can help you get to the root of these issues for your specific biochemistry. Find out more with a free consult.

But in the meantime, if you want reduce those cravings, try this Sugar Busting Spray.

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This tincture is in a dark-colored glass bottle with a spray top.  It’s small enough to tuck into your purse, bag or pocket.

So, what’s in Sugar Buster Spray? It’s a combination of Gymnema, Ginger and Cinnamon suspended in an alcohol base. It’s pretty strong and a one ounce bottle should last ya.

Why Gymnema?

  • Known in Hindi as gurmar or sugar destroyer
  • Anesthetizes the sweet taste buds for several hours (gymnemic acids) when applied topically
  • Disrupts absorption of sugar (saponin-related effects)
  • Many studies have demonstrated anti-diabetic and blood-sugar-lowering properties

Why Ginger?

Ginger contains an essential oil (consisting of terpenoids), pungent principles (including gingerols) and other compounds which help:

  • Reduces appetite and cravings
  • Clinically shown to lower fasting blood sugar and H1Ac levels eases the effects of occasional upset stomach
  • Reduces systemic inflammation
  • Supports a healthy response to environmental stresses
  • Promotes digestion

Why Cinnamon?

Cinnamon Quills contain an essential oil with the major constituent being cinnamic aldehyde (cinnamaldehyde), other phenylpropanes, terpenes and other compounds that work together to:

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels when combined with a balanced diet
  • Reduce bad gut bacteria including Candida
  • Promote healthy digestion

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