Saving Summer: Got Green Tomatoes?

2014FermFest-84Who knew that fermented green tomatoes were so enticing?

Each year we grow a forest of tomatoes in our raised beds, and it used to sadden me that there were so many that would never ripen as the weather got colder. So, I thought, let’s try fermenting some and see what happens. Now’s it hard to wait until the end of the season to grab some to ferment. I bet you could sweet talk your local farmer into scoring you some if you don’t have access to a garden.

Green tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and B vitamins and may even help fight cancer. Green tomatoes contain an alkaloid called tomatine, which may effectively fight cancer cells, according to researchers who published a study in “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” in 2009.

Did you know that a large green tomato has 43 milligrams of vitamin C, providing half the daily requirement for men and nearly 60 percent for women? Plus this form of vitamin C has not been heated so it’s truly bioavailable as well. Antioxidant vitamins can help protect your immune system and prevent premature aging. Who doesn’t want that?

Now add in that by Fermenting green tomatoes, you have increased the bioavailability of all these vitamins PLUS added beneficial microorganisms (probiotics).

Have I convinced you to start fermenting these yet?

Go here to get the recipe.

Got My Fermented Green Tomatoes, Now What?

Well, eat some. There are delicious straight out of the jar. But they are also quite versatile.

  • Salads: Dice them and add them a salad – I’m thinking egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad, a simple tossed green salad and so on.
  • Relish: Pulse them in the processor/blender and make a relish. Add a bit of garlic, and lemon juice to taste. Serve on top of fish, hot dogs, burgers, chicken and deviled eggs.
  • Salsa: Chop some tomatoes; add red onions, cilantro, a few fresh tomatoes and a few squeezes of lime.
  • Summer Soup: Puree some of the green tomatoes and add a bit of yogurt or kefir, some chopped fresh dill and a bit of garlic and make a refreshing soup.

The possibilities are endless. Plus all these preparations preserve the probiotic content so you naturally support your health gut flora while enjoying a tasty treat.

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