Happy New Year!

KimChiSproutsI hope y’all have had a happy and healthy start to your new year. I’ve been busy reflecting and figuring out what my goals and focus will be this year. I love to set goals!

Here are my top 3 recommendations:

1. Eat More Ferments (or Start!)

Fermented foods are tasty and good for your health. I find it’s the most effective and cost-effective way to get your probiotics. It’s easy too. Wondering how to start? I’ve got three good options for you.

  1. Attend a workshop – Here’s a link to Back to Basics or a refresher taught in my personal kitchen. I’ll be adding more dates and topics later this month.
  2. Get a copy of Lisa’s Counter Culture: Pickles and Other Well-Bred Foods and get going.
  3. Sign up for coaching or a session with me privately. Yes, this can be done remotely.

Herbal-coffee-ad-300x2502. Cut Caffeine

It’s easy to get hooked on caffeine to get through your day. This seems especially true for me during the dreaded afternoon slump (seems like we either reach for sugar or caffeine or both). Here are some excellent reasons to consider ending your relationship with caffeine or perhaps considering reducing your intake.

Good news is that I did find a great Herbal Coffee that is actually delish and good for you. I absolutely love the two organic hand-blended herbal coffee by Jessica from the amazing website, Delicious Obsessions. Be sure to mention Lisa’s Counter Culture for a free exclusive eBook of her coffee blend recipes with your coffee blend purchase. This eBook is not available anywhere else and is a $17.99 value.

Another good option is to add some bone broth to your day. Read my post on The Soup On Broth to find out how and why.

So far so good, cutting back caffeine has actually increased my focus and energy. But it does take a few days or perhaps a bit longer to acclimate. So don’t give up, you can do it.

3. Get Moving

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 7.51.48 AMExercise or getting off your rear and stepping away from our devices is vital to our health. We are designed to move. Commit to a walk or try a Plank Challenge (How to do a Perfect Plank). My family has been having fun with our Plank Challenge. I actually managed a 4 minute plank yesterday.

Another favorite workout is the 7-Minute Workout. No fancy equipment or gym needed. And who can’t find 7 minutes during the day? I love short-burst interval exercises that you can do anywhere…so no more excuses. I personally use this free app to my 7-minute workout. Commit and get moving.

What are your resolutions this year? Let’s get inspired and share. Add your comments below.



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