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It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post…but I’ve been busy. Don’t worry, it’s all good and I will share more about that in a minute.

I just added this informative article,  “What’s That? A Probiotic Primer” for you. I hope this Probiotic Primer inspires you to start (or continue) making your own ferments. If you, like me, prefer to learn by doing, then consider attending a workshop, sign up for online/phone coaching or arrange a private/small group session that suits your schedule.

The long-awaited Dosa and Chutney Workshop is on the schedule! Since this is hands-on class with cooking/eating, there is very limited space (since we all have to fit into my kitchen). My workshops generally sell out, so don’t wait to reserve a spot.

Got some time to burn? Check out my interview with Paul Bates on the Fermentation Podcast. Paul is a wonderful host and has composed the most complete summary that I have seen on his site on everyone that he interviews. I also highly recommend his interview with Karen Ross, the creator of the Probiotic Jar.

Limited Time Deal Especially for You, My Subscribers

Check this out, The Probiotic Jar has graciously offered to extend their amazing bundle until MONDAY, March 8, 2015 at midnight PST (Limited Supplies Available)
Did you guys SEE what’s in this kit?

  • 26″ Sauerkraut Slicer with three blades. Makes seriously quick work of a large pile of cabbage. ~ Value $69.99
  • Ozeri Scale ~ Thin Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Gram Scale. Outrageous. ~Value $59.99
  • Three Probiotic Jars ~ Value $110.97
  • Pink Himalayan Salt ~ Ultra Pure ~ Value $12.99
  • Adhesive Thermometer ~ Value $4.99
  • Bamboo Tongs ~ $4.99
  • And a few other little accessories.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.43.58 AM

Big News!

Yay, I completed my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Certification!

So what’s with so great about FDN? Well, it means that I can assist you in finally sorting out the underlying causes of what’s derailing your heath or make sure you keep your health optimized for the long haul.

I look for healing opportunities with the use of non-invasive functional labs to educate you on how to take charge of your health using natural solutions to heal the underlying stressors.

My mission is to Educate as Many People as Possible How to Get Well and Stay Well Naturally.

It’s NOT normal to experience chronic hormonal problems, poor digestion and detoxification, food sensitivities, or suppressed immune function.

I’ve got a few open spots now (and a wait list will be added so don’t wait to get started).

If you are anxious to start feeling amazing now…go ahead and contact me for a free 20 minute discovery session. Remember, my disclaimer, I do not diagnose or treat disease.


Happy New Year!

I hope y’all have had a happy and healthy start to your new year. I’ve been busy reflecting and figuring out what my goals and focus will be this year. I love to set goals! Here are my top 3 recommendations: 1. Eat More Ferments (or Start!) Fermented foods are tasty and good for your […]

The Soup on Broth

Is Bone Broth the New Superfood? Bone Broth is hip (in case you missed the memo). There is even a drive-through broth shop in New York. Kidding aside, people are returning to the basics and finding that there is excellent deep nutrition to be found in basic broths. Homemade stock and bone broth are much […]

Top 8 Reasons Why (Ferment) Storage Matters

Optimizes probiotic potency Boosts nutrient retention Reduces oxidation Maximizes a digestive healing program (i.e., AIP or GAPS) Maintains flavor and texture Reduces pathogenic mold or off-flavors Longer-term storage (garlic and kraut can easily keep for a year or longer) Optimizes fridge or cold storage space This article is specific to storing ferments after the active […]

Kauai: The Search for Good Eats (Part 2)

Part 2: Eating Out More to come: Part 3: Food to Pack In case you missed it, Part 1: Stocking Up Overview: It’s pretty easy to eat local, organic fresh food in Kauai. Many eateries have dedicated gluten-free menus printed (and on their websites) or menus with gluten-free items marked. I’m going to highlight the places […]

Kauai: The Search for Good Eats (Part 1)

Part 1: Stocking Up Coming Soon: Part 2: Eating Out and Part 3: Food to Pack Disclaimer: I absolutely LOVE Kauai and find almost everything tastes better here. So keep that in mind. I have been to Kauai at least six separate visits so far…perhaps a bit more. We tend to make certain indulgences on […]

Meal Ideas and a Workshop

Summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching…But the fermentation season is still going strong! I’ve was honored to contribute a guest post on Fermenting Green Tomatoes on my dear friend Jessica’s site, Delicious Obsessions. I love this site. Some of my favorite DIY and meal recipes are discovered on this jam-packed blog, recipe […]

Summer Fun and Official 2nd Edition Launch!

Summer time is here! I absolutely ADORE summer. Endless summer sounds like heaven to me here in California. I’ve been enjoying the expansion of my coaching practice (did you know that I offer this?) I can work with you locally or remotely on all sorts of health and wellness goals. From simple “How to hack […]

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