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Fermented Mayo (Spoon-Licking Good!)

Learn how to make your own amazing probiotic-rich condiments and get helpful information, tips and tricks about fermentation. Take this opportunity to delve deeper into the culture and flavors of fermented foods. The workshop includes a handout with recipes specifically written for using the Probiotic  Jar – the perfect, safe and affordable way to make fermented delicious foods. Lisa’s cookbook will be available!

Condiments are one of my favorite ferments – it’s so easy to add these to your meals – Kids and adults love them. They are alive with beneficial bacteria (think probiotics with a much smaller price tag and much more enjoyable than swallowing a supplements), keep longer in the fridge and taste better than anything you can buy at the store. I’ve been told by people who don’t typically like mayonnaise that my lactofermented mayonnaise is spoon-licking good.

Seasonal vegetables and mayonnaise will be covered.

Click here to find out why you should learn to ferment.

Lisa combines time-honored small-batch artisan methods with modern technology by using a remarkable anaerobic fermentation system from Probiotic  Jar.This system easily transforms a wide-variety of your favorite fruits, vegetables, condiments – even grain and dairy – into consistently tasty, nutritious “lacto-fermented”, nutrient dense food – without the worry of mold or other unwanted microbes.

Lisa’s Private Kitchen, Palo Alto (address given upon registration)
Cost: $60

Additional dates as requested for any workshop

Cancellation Policy

Contact or 650 858-1148 to sign up or for more information.


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