Dosa and Chutneys – April 19, 2015 (Wait List Only)

Bing Cherry Mint Chutney

Gluten Free!

This workshop is all about the traditional fermented Indian Dosa and Chutneys. We will cover variations of preparing these delicious gluten free flatbreads and experiment with some seasonal tangy chutneys. Expect to create a delicious dosa and savor your masterpiece.

Dosa are a crispy, savory crepe-like flatbread often described as a “pancake”. Because Dosa batter is lacto-fermented, there’s a nice “bite”, a sourbread back-of-the-throat “tang” that comes from lactic-acid formed during fermentation of the grains. The “tang“is from the lactic-acid created during fermentation, and like other acids, “cuts” the fat molecules in rich foods, so they don’t coat the tongue, restricting the other flavors.

What I love about dosas is that once the batter is made (soaked and fermented – which is easy to do) than the batter keeps all week in the fridge – and you can make one or several of these tasty wraps for a quick meal or snack. Since they have been lactofermented, there are practically predigested before you even eat them. So they are very easy on your tummy – even when you are feeling under the weather.

What you decide to wrap them up is up to you….I have crossed over many cuisines from the traditional Indian fillings to scrambled eggs with salsa to even tuna melts in them….they are very versatile as well as delicious.

Why lactoferment chutneys? Lactofermented foods offer beneficial organisms to keep our guts healthy and our digestion optimum, and increased vitamins and enzymes. Foods preserved through lactofermentation are more nutritious than in their raw or cooked state. With canned and cooked produce, enzymes and vitamins are lost, and beneficial organisms are not given an opportunity to culture.

April 19, 2015, Sunday – 10:30am to 1pm (Wait List Only)
Cost: $95

Lisa’s Kitchen (address given upon registration)
Palo Alto, CA

Contact or 650 858-1148 to sign up or for more information.

Cancellation Policy

lisaherndon moderator

Thanks for commenting TIkiBlu - We would be great neighbors! But I'm thankful for your support and our virtual connection!

If you have interest - then it's just a matter of figuring out what "package" needs to be set up to get people to attend and learn. Perhaps, approach a school or other community meeting place to see if you can offer a short talk - than see if you can poll people on what they would like to do - group lectures, day/times that work best, what can they afford, etc....

Best of luck in spreading the easy way to get probiotics into your life in a delicious way!


Greetings Lisa...............this sounds so wonderful.  I do make my own dosas and chutneys 'cause I'm a Pickl-It Packing gal!  Sadly, I am the only one on our small island.  I have had a couple classes on the joys & ease of Pickl-Iting.  Lots of interest .......but no takers...yet.  I thought about having a free drawing  on a Pickl-It plus 1 hands-on instruction.

Wish I were closer to you.........would be nice to attend.  I am enjoying your recipe book and am proud of all you do.


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