Local Probiotic Jar Reseller

I am an official reseller and affiliate of these amazing jars that are perfect for fermentation. Finally a closed-air system that is affordable and easy to use has made it to the marketplace! The Probiotic Jar are always used in my workshops when we are making anaerobic ferments (Kombucha is not an anaerobic ferment).

The upside of ordering your jars from me:

  • Personalize instruction and troubleshooting
  • No wait for shipping and back-ordered items
  • You can see the sizes in person and get advice on what to purchase.
  • Environmental friendlier = Bulk orders mean less packaging materials are used. I  reuse or freecycle the remaining materials.

The Probiotic Jar simplifies the entire process of making lacto-fermented foods, eliminating the need for whey, or processed starter-cultures. The Probiotic Jar was created by applying the science of anaerobic lacto-fermentation and borrowing high quality-standards traditional fermentation:

  • anaerobic conditions
  • tight-fitting seal and lid so no oxygen could get in
  • automatic release of excess carbon dioxide and oxygen
  • reducing oxygen’s access to fermented food, eliminating discoloration and texture changes
  • pest-proof barrier
  • reduction in mold/fungus/yeast
  • consistent flavor and texture

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