Kombucha/Beet Kvass with Ginger

Learn how to make these two popular fermented beverages. You will learn how to make these from start to finish including the secondary fermentation. Tastings of various flavoring will be offered. A handout with home instructions and my recipes, a starter kombucha with scoby and beet kvass with ginger (includes a 1 Liter Probiotic Jar to take home are included. Cost is $75 per person.

Most health-conscious parents are well aware of the dangers of soda, with its 10 to 12 teaspoons of health-eroding sugar per serving, corrosive phosphoric acid, and copious amounts of nerve-wrecking caffeine. Youngsters make up the largest soda-drinking portion of the population, which is why it is so critical for us as parents to provide tasty, nutritious alternatives. Lacto-fermented beverages are the best of your beverage choices. They taste fantastic and, more important, offer outstanding health benefits that your darling little angels won’t even know about!

Saturday, July 9 – 10am to 12:30pm

Why learn how to ferment these things anyway?

  1. Fermented beverages improve digestion.
  2. Fermented beverages restore the proper balance of bacteria in the gut. Do you suffer from lactose intolerance? Gluten intolerance? Constipation? Irritable bowel syndrome? Yeast infections? Allergies? Asthma? All of these conditions have been linked to a lack of good bacteria in the gut.
  3. Raw, fermented foods are rich in enzymes. Your body needs [enzymes] to properly digest, absorb, and make full use of your food. As you age, your body’s supply of enzymes decreases. This has caused many scientists to hypothesize that if you could guard against enzyme depletion, you could live a longer, healthier life.
  4. Fermenting food actually increases the vitamin content.
  5. Eating fermented food helps us to absorb the nutrients we’re consuming.
  6. You can ingest huge amounts of nutrients, but unless you actually absorb them, they’re useless to you. When you improve digestion, you improve absorption.
  7. Fermenting food is inexpensive and it’s fun. There’s nothing fancy required for this hobby. And many of the foods required to make these recipes are very cheap.
  8. Fermenting food increases the flavor. There’s a reason humans enjoy drinking wine and eating stinky cheese. There’s a reason we like sauerkraut on our hot dogs and salsa on our tortilla chips. It tastes good!

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This workshop is in Barron Park, Palo Alto
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